About the author

Everything should be made as simple as possible… but no simpler.

Albert Einstein

A simple creature, the TriageMonkey frequents the overcrowded and access blocked corridors of the Department of Available Medicine, inexorably striving for unattainable mastery of the holy trinity of ED skills – resuscitationist, diagnostician, and dispositionist. Ah, yes… one can dream.

Powered by caffeine and bananas, clad in scrubs so scratchily synthetic the vomit / blood / urine still beads and runs off, even after 52 washes, they quietly pursue their dream of knowledge translation timeframes of less than 10 years actually becoming a reality.

Here, you will find the prioritising primate’s generally poorly considered ramblings on a number of topics, written up in summary form for local teaching purposes, now unleashed upon an unsuspecting internet in order to avoid the increasingly frequent incidence of “Well, it’s a long story… but I wrote a short article about that a little while ago… I’ll just print it out for you…”. The sorting simian harbours no illusions of grandeur, however, and aspires not to the lofty heights of #FOAMed fame and fortune. Topical musings are the order of the day, not in-depth educational resources, and there’s nary a podcast link in sight.

Needless to say (though the legal team insists it’s very needful indeed) nothing on this site should be misconstrued as actual medical advice. I mean, if you’re willing to take advice from a monkey, there are probably bigger issues afoot than modern medical science can help you with.

(Shadow’s magic word is BYZANTIUM)